Minecraft Server Types

Note: All server types are compatible with our services. We support all server types and all mod packs, even if it's not listed. Server types are just different software - we will always be able to support everything, even if it's custom-built.

Regular & Modded

Regular server types like Vanilla, Spigot, and Craftbukkit do not require client modifications, however, server types like Forge do require a custom Minecraft client that you must download and install on your computer. Additionally, these modded server types may also require you to install specific mods or mod packs onto your computer.

Server Types

Server Type Modded? Notes
Vanilla No The default version of Minecraft with absolutely no modifications. This is the raw version provided by Mojang.
Craftbukkit No This is a common server type. It allows server-sided modifications (plugins), however, no client-side modifications are required to play this.
Spigot No

This is simply an optimized version of Craftbukkit. It is the most popular server type and typically what we recommend users to use. (There isn't really any reason to use Craftbukkit over this - we always suggest using this.)

BungeeCord No

BungeeCord is NOT MINECRAFT SOFTWARE. It cannot run worlds or players and is an exception in this list. It is very unique and different from everything listed here. It's intended use is to connect other servers together into a network. It is a proxy that bridges a connection between the player and another server (typically a Spigot server). However, BungeeCord itself is not a server - it runs as a server and pretends to be a Minecraft server, but isn't - it's essentially just a forwarder/redirector.

Forge Yes Forge is a server type that allows mods, but no plugins. It is built on top of Vanilla and requires users to
KCauldron Yes KCauldron is a modification of Forge that allows Craftbukkit plugins to work. However, this is only available for up to Minecraft version 1.7.10 (it does not run for newer versions and SpongeForge is the only alternative).
SpongeForge Yes SpongeForge is technically not a server type - it runs as a mod for Forge. However, it does make changes that allow Sponge plugins to be installed on a modded server.
MCPC+ Yes This is just an older version of KCauldron and isn't used very commonly anymore. In fact, as of this writing, none of our clients use it. It's essentially KCauldron, but for Minecraft 1.6.4 - you don't need to worry about this at all.
MCPE (Minecraft: Pocket Edition) No We also support Minecraft PE with all of our plans.
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