Getting Started: BungeeCord

This guide will teach you how to install and setup BungeeCord.
Before we get started I'd like to mention a few things, firstly we offer a BungeeCord setup addon for a one time fee of $6, you will also need a minimum of 3 servers for bungeecord to run correctly.

If you have bought the BungeeCord setup addon we will take care of the configuration for you, we'll just need the following details:

  • The server IDs for the servers you want in the bungeecord
  • The name for each server and their respective ID

Installing BungeeCord.

  1. If you are installing BungeeCord on a service you already have with Anvilnode simply select "BungeeCord" from the server jar selection.

Setting up Spigot.

For each of your spigot servers you will need to set the following:

  • Bungeecord: true | Spigot.yml
  • Online-mode: false |

BungeeCord Configuration.

In your BungeeCord server file directory you will see a config called config.yml, open this using the editor.

Within the BungeeCord config.yml you will find a section like this:

    restricted: false


Simply enter your server IP in the address area and give each server a restart. You should now be able to connect to your new BungeeCord server!

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