How to Add Mobs to a Bedrock Edition Minecraft Server

The Bedrock Dedicated Server, which is Mojang's official Vanilla Minecraft server software for Bedrock Edition, supports mobs by default; however, PocketMine-MP and NukkitX do not have mob spawning features available yet.

To have mobs for these server types, you are required to install a plugin. You can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your server's Multicraft Panel ( and stop your server
  2. Download the plugin for your server type:
    • PocketMine-MP
      Download the PureEntitiesX plugin (PureEntitiesX.phar) by clicking on the Direct Download button found on the PureEntitiesX page.
    • NukkitX
      Download the MobPlugin plugin (MobPlugin-X.XX.X.jar) by clicking on the Download Now button found on the MobPlugin page.
  3. Upload the PureEntitiesX.phar file into the plugins folder of your PocketMine-MP server. The same process will be done to the MobPlugin-X.XX.X.jar file for your NukkitX server.
  4. Restart your server to complete the installation of the plugin.

If the plugin was successfully installed, mobs should already be able to spawn in your server.

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