How to: Install Forge on your Minecraft Server

Follow these simple steps to install Forge on your Minecraft server. Forge will allow you to run mods on your server.

Download the Forge files for your selected version:

  1. Download the installer to your computer from MinecraftForge's website;
  2. Go into your downloads and open the file to launch the install on your computer;
  3. Click on the option "Install Server;"
  4. Select the installation folder as an empty folder on your desktop;
  5. Allow a few moments for Forge to download all the files to this folder.
Uploading the Forge files to your server:

  1. Connect to your server's files using an FTP client. For example, FileZilla. (Do not attempt to upload these files via the control panel unless they are zipped.);
  2. Once inside your servers FTP using the login information provided by the control panel, ensure you are in the base directory; "/"
  3. Delete any files that are already in your base directory;
  4. Upload ALL files that Forge downloaded to your desktop, including libraries, minecraft_server...jar, minecraftforge-universal...jar, etc.
  5. Change the Minecraft_server.jar to "my.jar"

Select your Server JAR:

  1. Login to our Multicraft Panel using your username and password given to you in an email;
  2. Select the server you just installed Forge on;
  3. Set the jar file to Custom and start the server. (Your server does not yet have Forge!)
  4. Stop your server. 
  5. Open your FTP, rename your current "my.jar" back to "minecraft_server.jar" and change your Forge Jar to "my.jar"
  6. Start your server
You now have Forge installed on your server! If you run into any issues, please contact us! :)

(This article was written by Chad Smith)
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